Oh Baby!

Last night Himself and I went to a Mardi Gras party at the home of our friends Chuck and Wes. Chuck ordered a King Cake from New Orleans to celebrate both Fat Tuesday and Wes’ birthday (happy burfday, Wes!). Great punch, great chat, great fun with our friends old and new.

Then came time to cut the cake. You can see what I found lurking in my slice:

Little stowaway

Yep, I got the tiny plastic baby, so I’m obliged to provide the king cake for the first party of next year’s Mardi Gras season. Since we live in LA and not in New Orleans, it’ll probably be the Fat Tuesday cake I’ll need to bring. Make it or order it? Make it or order it?… At least I have a year to decide.

He's all mine!

In the meantime, I’d like to find a place to put this little guy so I’ll be reminded of my obligation–and of my Lenten observance. I just have to remember that Cosmo, our inquisitive tomcat, will think it makes a great toy. Possibly a fine thing to chew on…possibly to get stuck in his little gullet. He’s not so very sharp, that one.

Anyway, all the best with those Lenten observances and reflections, everyone.

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