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No Hopping With Knives

Sigh. Here’s the view from my chair at the table. Knives in the background and crutches in the foreground. If you are using one, you’d best not be using the other. A few days ago I wiped out on the … Continue reading

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While I’ve previously devoted this blog primarily to regional and international cuisines—and will continue to do so—I have a collection of essays in various stages of completion that I want to begin sharing in this space, food-related essays on my … Continue reading

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Surf & Turf, Spanish Style

Next time I go to Spain I’ll be sure to take my fine swine t-shirt with me. It just might get me some freebies! I’m currently reading John Barlow’s Everything But the Squeal, in which he details his year spent eating every … Continue reading

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green almonds in the last place I’d expect to find them…

During my 18+ years living in Los Angeles I searched unsuccessfully for the delicacy that is the green almond. One of those items only in-the-know locals are hip to, they eluded me each time I’d check the farmers’ markets in … Continue reading

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…the beets go on…

A bunch of red and gold beets are as pretty as any bouquet! The beet is a muchly-maligned vegetable, and I’m not really sure why. Maybe it’s the earthiness. If that were the case though, why not bag on turnips, … Continue reading

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