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Mr. Cabbage Buys a First-Class Ticket to Decadenceville

Last week’s blog entry on cabbage drew interest from people who wanted to know how to give it the bacon and maple treatment. Here’s the recipe I devised… Bacon Maple Cabbage Makes 8 servings The Internet has loads of variations … Continue reading

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A Cornbread Confession

Bread is the most basic and satisfying of foods, rightfully called “the staff of life.” While loaves, buns, rolls, baguettes and all the rest are wonderful, still I’m a Southern girl. And that means Southern-styled quick breads like biscuits and … Continue reading

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Wicked, Wicked Good…

I have a special affection for my coffee can filled with bacon drippings. I love it for the endless possibilities it represents for creating something tasty. I cook with them, infuse bourbon with them. I’ve considered using them for lip … Continue reading

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A yummy blend of pork, apples, sage and cheddar cheese. I think I have a new canapé to trot out for the next party. I just won’t mention that secret ingredient. Can I count on your discretion? Recently I spotted … Continue reading

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Bacon-Laced Booze Bliss

Ever since my pal, Chuck (he’s about to officially acquire the hyphenated name Chuck-of-Gumbo-Pages-Fame) introduced me to bacon-infused bourbon, I’ve been itching to give it a try. I’m not much of a bourbon drinker, but he recently made me an … Continue reading

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