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Mr. Cabbage Buys a First-Class Ticket to Decadenceville

Last week’s blog entry on cabbage drew interest from people who wanted to know how to give it the bacon and maple treatment. Here’s the recipe I devised… Bacon Maple Cabbage Makes 8 servings The Internet has loads of variations … Continue reading

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Cabbage Gets a Spring Makeover

“Arrright, Cabbage! Your days in this bin are numbered!” “Nooo, Mr. Carrot. Listen to me, Mr. Celery, just ’cause I ain’t a member of the Mirepoix Gang don’t mean I ain’t got no place here!” (Yeah, I know. I really … Continue reading

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The Real McCoy (Hint: It Ain’t Corned Beef)

Once during a St. Patrick’s Day pub crawl, I saw a bruiser of a guy swagger down the street wearing an ill-fitting dress and a lopsided wig, his face painted bright green. When some revelers on a balcony howled at … Continue reading

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Week #49 Polish

Lately Himself has been trying to eat less meat, which is nigh impossible, seeing as how he’s my #1 date on these dining adventures. It’s not too difficult if we’re eating Asian, but Polish food is particularly heavy on meat … Continue reading

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