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The Weirdness of Losing Your Sense of Taste

In early spring I was laid low with bronchitis, accompanied by about three weeks of being able to neither taste nor smell. This has happened to me once before, a few years ago when I had a really aggressive cold. I spent the … Continue reading

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A Soufflé Is Just Breakfast With An Attitude

As I put the finishing touches on my contribution to an upcoming fundraising auction—a soufflé cooking lesson and dinner, complete with a basket filled with gear for making soufflés—I’ve been jotting down some notes on the subject and decided to share … Continue reading

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Week #25 Rustic French

A lot of people think of French food as oh-so posh and la-di-da. Anyone who’s dined at a high end French restaurant would be justified in making that assessment, what with the classic plating, pretty garnishes and all the other … Continue reading

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Cheese Fell Down . . . Went Boom!

It turns out that success in the water-bath cooking portion of cheese making is crucial in getting the curds to hold together. After 24 hours of pressing–that’s 12 hours on one side, flip and 12 hours on the other–when we … Continue reading

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Blessed Are the Cheese Makers

Andy and I bought a cheese making kit yesterday and spent this evening fashioning our inaugural cheese, a farmhouse cheddar.As we worked, Cosmo and Blaze both danced around under our feet and paraded about the kitchen, meowing their admiration for … Continue reading

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