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French Press To the Rescue!

Sometimes we change things up just for the sake of variety. Other times we have variety thrust upon us. I broke the coffee carafe yesterday. “Crappage!” I growled. Busy with a deadline, I didn’t have time to race to the … Continue reading

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No Ice Cream Maker? No Problem!

I used to get really annoyed by people who talked about their fancy ice creams and frozen lah-di-dahs that they were making in their ice cream machines. Of course, that was because I didn’t own one myself. This didn’t mean … Continue reading

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Week #38 Haitian

The only thing most people hear about Haiti these days has to do with the recent earthquake. But this country’s food is kinfolk of Southern American cuisine, most notably that of New Orleans. It’s Creole, a blend of Caribbean with … Continue reading

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A Change in Choice of Beverage

My friend, the lovely and talented Missi Pyle, sent an e-mail this morning announcing the release of her new album, It’s OK To Be Happy. (plug plug plug) I’d just poured myself a cup of coffee and sat down to … Continue reading

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