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Sweet & Salty & Spicy

It’s curious how a feature of one cuisine can jump out at you and remind you of a cuisine on the far side of the world from that one. This happened when Himself and I noshed at Lotería, a Mexican … Continue reading

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Breakfast . . . It’s Not Just For Dinner!

North of the border, we have some pretty rigid ideas about what constitutes breakfast. Before my recent trip to Mexico City, I guess I did, too, although I’ve always been game for something different. And we certainly got it there! … Continue reading

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To all my boy cousins—and my brother—who tried to gross me out as a child: EAT THIS!

a fine meal in the village of Bernal in the state of Queretaro:tortilla soup with ancho chiles and a trio of quesadillas: huitlacoche, chapulin and zucchini blossom Two foods I was set on sampling as we planned our trip to … Continue reading

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Tortilla Nation

If the American South is Cornbread Nation, then Mexico must be Tortilla Nation, for the tortilla seems to knit a meal together there in a way that spans region, class and taste. Tortillas show up at every meal, and no, … Continue reading

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