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Surf & Turf, Spanish Style

Next time I go to Spain I’ll be sure to take my fine swine t-shirt with me. It just might get me some freebies! I’m currently reading John Barlow’s Everything But the Squeal, in which he details his year spent eating every … Continue reading

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Memphis Barbecue Goes On Vacation

Your favorite barbecue is probably what you grew up with. I cut my teeth on pork cooked low and slow over smouldering hickory wood, so these last 15 years in Los Angeles have been meager in the acceptable barbecue department. … Continue reading

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In Defense of the Bacon-in-the-Chocolate Trend

I’m seeing a backlash these days against the bacon-in-the-chocolate trend, but I think maybe it’s more of a backlash against food fads in general. Most fads are annoying and entirely disposable. They barely make a blip on the radar screen … Continue reading

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Home From the Greenbrier: A Retrospective

 How do I sum up the Greenbrier experience? I’ve perused the writings of my fellow attendees of the Symposium for Professional Food Writers at the Greenbrier during the past few days. Their reflections are comprehensive, coherent and helpful, while I … Continue reading

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Week #30 Filipino

Encapsulate the cuisine of the Philippines in one brief blog entry? Fat chance! A nation spread over more than 7,000 islands and comprising the influences of countries both near and far–both friendly and conquering–is not so easily characterized. One look … Continue reading

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